The Story of KemDem: Rising Dancehall Artist

Kieran Riviere 4/9/21

KemDem’s story begins in East Kingston Jamaica, where he was born and raised. He also lived on the south side for some time, in an area called Foster Lane. Born Kemar Bennet, KemDem was an avid lover of music and football from a tender age. KemDem attended Calabar all age school in Kingston and enrolled in Kingston College after passing his common entrance exams. From there, KemDem would migrate to Miami Florida where he would continue his education; he was still a teenager at the time. While attending school in Miami, KemDem became heavily engaged in performing music and DJing. This would set the foundation for KemDem to become a musical artist.

KemDem gained notoriety for his singing gradually. One of his friends used to host parties at a small warehouse during school holidays and on weekends. It was at those parties that KemDem used to sample his vocals on different instrumentals, acquiring attention from school mates and other members of his neighborhood. KemDem also gained attention from other rising artists and at one point he became engaged in a musical battle with another local artist. However, a clash of egos nearly led the two artists into a physical altercation, so they decided to end the battle on that note. From there, KemDem decided that he had gone too far in the music business to turn back. He began seeking out different producers and would compose songs on a plethora of instrumentals. KemDem continued to work endlessly, releasing music videos while gaining popularity.

In 2021 KemDem released his first EP called Cost, featuring 7 songs. So far, the project has gotten a welcoming reception from KemDem’s fans and he continues to grow in notoriety.

KemDem is known for being a versatile artist with the ability to try different sounds and melodies. He continues to flourish in the music industry, getting booked for shows all over America including New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, and Miami to name a few. Below is a link to Kemdem’s YouTube channel, as well as other social media accounts.

kemdem – YouTube

Kemdem 33- Instagram

Kemmical Kemdem- Facebook


Sally McGuire: Gifted Author and Entrepreneur

Kieran Riviere 2/16/21


It is a great privilege of mine to share a friendship with Miss Sally McGuire, who is not only an awesome friend, but a fascinating author and inventive entrepreneur as well. Born and raised in Grenada, Sally became obsessed with reading at an early age. She discovered excitement in books and would sometimes feel that she could of written some of those books better than their original authors. Parts of Sally’s days growing up were spent creating stories and imaginative events in her head. At only 18, Sally became a teacher, a reputable achievement. Nevertheless, Sally yearned for more than her small island could offer. By age 21, Sally had acquired a US Visa and had set sights on New York in search of bigger opportunities, despite disapproval from family members. Sally had no family in New York but was not afraid to venture out into the big city on her own.

Upon arrival, Sally stayed with a family friend but had to learn the ropes all on her own. Sally found work within two weeks and was able to move out on her own within two months. Sally would enroll in college some time after, but that passion for writing still lingered. After giving birth to her son, Sally decided that she would get more serious about her writing. She began discussing her ideas with friends only to be met with discouragement and ridicule. Despite the discouragement, Sally wrote her first book called “Destined to Love”. It was quite a successful moment for Sally, however she had little to no knowledge of the editing and publishing process. Nevertheless, Sally did what she had to do and eventually got her first book published.

Destined to Love by Sally McGuire McGuire available on Amazon

After publishing her first book, Sally became ripe with the feeling of achievement. However, little did Sally know that her work had just begun. Sally hardly knew anyone and had to find ways to promote her book herself. Eventually, her hard work paid off and she would gain recognition in the Caribbean. Sally was honored by one of the newspapers in Grenada, her home land. Shortly after, Sally went on o release her second book, “Forever Yours”.

One thing I can say about Sally’s books is that once you pick them up, it becomes very hard to put them back down. I’m not a fan of romantic novels but the stories were quite captivating. I had to ask Sally why she was so inspired to write romantic novels and she explained that love was something pure, and despite the dark side of love, namely the infidelity, the heartaches, the violence, she wants to give people hope that true love is still out there. Sally also had a passion for writing children’s novels, due to the close relationship she had with her son. She soon published “A Heart of Gold” and began a children’s series which she is still currently working on.

Aside from being an Author, Sally also has a passion for modeling and so she collaborated with a friend to launch an online swimsuit boutique called Sextify Swimwear which is based in Grenada.

To learn more about Sally, visit and look out for her fan page on Facebook and instagram. Also check out for a full list of Sally’s books up for Sale.