A Way Out: The Story of Targhe Jno Lewis

Kieran Riviere 2/18/21

Some people are content to wake up in the morning, go to their 9 to 5 jobs, and a collect a paycheck at the end of the week, fortnight, or month. I have the utmost respect for anyone who is making an honest living. When we think about the word “successful,” we usually associate it with a big house, hefty bank account, self-employment, expensive cars, and the likes. Society has placed the standard for success at a very high level. In my opinion, if you are making an honest living and you are happy, then you are successful. Likewise, there is nothing wrong with being unsatisfied with a regular 9 to 5 job. Some people just want more out of life, so much so, that it becomes an obsession. Targhe Kyel Jno Lewis is one of those people. By the time Targhe was entering adulthood, he had acquired an appetite for a lifestyle far beyond what his small island could offer him.

Targhe grew up in Dominica, a small island in the Eastern Caribbean. Things were not always easy for Targhe growing up, but his parents worked hard to make sure he was taken care of. At age 22, while working at Digicel, Targhe began to think of ways in which he could do better for himself and his family by extension. On his way home from work one afternoon, Targhe was approached by a stranger who told him about Forex Trading, a platform where individuals can earn from the foreign exchange market. At the time, Targhe wasn’t particularly intrigued by the venture, although, he did attend a few of the virtual meetings. Targhe was also approached by a family member somewhere around February of 2020. However, Targhe still was not convinced that the venture was worth his time. It wasn’t until last November, when Targhe was approached by Jernita, an established Forex Trader at the time, did he decide to give Forex a chance. He didn’t know it at the time, but it would be a decision that would change his life for good.

By the time he joined Forex, Targhe was still working with Digicel, but he was also searching for what he called “a way out.” He knew that his 9 to 5 was not going to bring him the level of satisfaction that he yearned for.

“I was still looking for more, I was kind of frustrated. It’s not the fault of Digicel, but it’s just me wanting more, wanting to live my life on my own terms. I wanted financial freedom, you know. Me wanting to be the person I always wanted to be, and me searching for that opportunity.”

Not long after joining Forex, Targhe realized that there were opportunities to achieve financial freedom. He came to the realization that the foreign exchange market was the largest in the world. “ I told myself hey Targhe, if you ever had dreams of becoming a millionaire, what better market to be in than the fastest money multiplying business in the world and in the foreign exchange market which is the biggest market in the world.” With that realization, Targhe decided that he was going to put every bit of effort he had into becoming successful with Forex. Once inside, he met people who were like-minded, which helped to motivated him even further. Furthermore, Targhe was trained by a good team who made the acclimation process easier for him. “Everything within that team is already built. So you come meeting your food on your plate basically. It’s up to you to just sit down and eat.”

Since joining Forex, Targhe’s life has taken a turn for the better. He now has access to a plethora of opportunities, including access to live educators, some of them earning upwards of nine figures. Furthermore, Targhe was able to leave his job at Digicel and now is working with Forex on his own time. Targhe has also strengthened his faith in God. He had been praying for financial freedom for a long time and he feels like God has made it possible for him through this opportunity. Targhe says that he would recommend Forex to anyone who has an open mind and wants to achieve financial freedom. He is currently a Platinum One Thousand Leader, which means he has over thirty people working under his guidance. He also receives a monthly cheque from Forex for being a Platinum One Thousand Leader. Furthermore, Targhe is the co-founder of the NBA (Never Broke Again) Global Movement, a wealth community providing empowerment through financial opportunities and a means to earn from multiple streams of income for individuals worldwide. Below is a link where you can book an appointment to learn more about the NBA movement and how you can be a part of it.


Targhe plans to travel the world once he reaches his peak, but his main goal is to influence lives around the world in a positive way, showing them that anything is achievable with the right plan.


The Robinhood Era

Kieran Riviere 2/17/21

Screenshot_20210217-010518_One UI Home.jpg

 Ten years ago, if you asked the average 25-year-old about investing in stocks, they would have probably told you to get a life. Nowadays, it seems like the millennials are the ones who are taking over the stock market. Aside from stocks, they are also investing in cryptocurrencies as well. But what has occurred within the last 10 years to ignite such an allure in a market that was dominated by Wall Street veterans and tech nerds, one would ask. The obvious answer would be advancements in technology over the years. Innovative investment apps such as Robinhood, Acorns, and Penny Stocks, to name a few, have made it easy to buy and sell stocks with the use of a smart phone. Furthermore, popular community websites like Reddit and Twitter have also helped to attract millennials to the stock market. For the novice who wishes to dip his toes into the stock river, there are countless platforms where information is readily available for even the most clueless investor. One of those platforms, Discord, was originally created for gamers, but has since evolved into a space where people with similar interests converge. Individuals with decades of experience in hedge fund analysis tend to take advantage of platforms like Discord, where they can charge a subscription fee for access to their community, in exchange for their knowledge and expertise.

In recent events, there have been some controversy surrounding the Robbinhood app. This came after reports had surfaced that Robbinhood was preventing retail investors and day traders from purchasing stock while hedge fund investors were allowed to trade freely. Critics speculate whether this temporary block was a direct response to a sudden surge in GameStop stock trading. The controversy seemed to have started when a group of reddit users decided that they were going to take on Wall Street. Their victory was short lived, however. The already-dwindling video game retailer saw their stock prices drop rather rapidly, after millions of colluding traders had temporarily caused their stock prices to soar.

We are seeing a similar phenomenon with Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency which has gained popularity in recent weeks. One would be remiss to invest all their earnings into a cryptocurrency based solely off internet fads. Nevertheless, the unpredictability of the stock market is one of its more attractive features.