A Forbidden Right

On November 3rd of 2021, the Supreme Court was tasked to make a decision on whether a restrictive New York gun law deviates from the constitution. Before proceeding with this article, I must state that I am not writing from any political standpoint. Rather, I am merely a concerned civilian with an opinion.

When I first heard that the Supreme Court was challenging the restrictive law, the first thing I said was “what took them so long?” The second amendment states that the right of the people to keep and bear arms should not be infringed. However, New York legislation states that residents must show “proper cause” in order to be allowed to carry a firearm in public. NYPD statistics show that robberies increased by 6% in September of 2021 compared to 2020. That statistic on its own should be considered ‘proper cause,’ but New York law makers may not see it that way.

It would be unreasonable for me to say that the rights granted by the constitution should be without limits. For instance, limiting freedom of speech is necessary to prevent libel, incitement, and slander, among other harmful speech. Likewise, preventing violent offenders from legally carrying a firearm is also necessary to protect innocent civilians. Still, I am bewildered at the decision of New York law makers to make it almost impossible for law abiding citizens to bear arms in self defense. Meanwhile, brazen criminals patrol the streets terrorizing innocent citizens with their copious supply of weapons.

Many New York residents seem to side with the law makers. The notion that allowing civilians to legally carry guns will lead to an increase in gun violence is not an irrational one. However, statistics from other states tell a different story. When comparing violent crimes among New York and other states that are less restricted, I found that the numbers were not significant enough to diffinitively say that this notion is a valid one. Justice Brett Kavanaugh of the Supreme Court seems to support my theory, stating that he has not seen “real evidence” that these less stringent rules lead to a spike in gun crimes.

In 2018, Robert Nash and Brandon Koch, along with the New York state Riffle and Pistol Association filled a lawsuit challenging New York’s ban on carrying handguns outside the home. The case was dismissed by a federal district Court in New York and the second Circuit Court of Appeals subsequently upheld the lower court’s decision. Now that the Supreme Court is overseeing the issue, it is my hope that they will determine that the law is a violation of second amendment rights. Until then, I will be patiently waiting for the court’s decision.


The Story of David part 3

David arrived at his apartment just before 9pm. After taking a shower, he sat on the edge of the bed replaying the events of the night in his head. He finally had an explanation for Sherma’s sudden change in behavior and felt sympathy for her. What he could not understand was why her so called friend was trying to destroy her. He didn’t know much about Ashley other than she worked as a receptionist at a doctor’s office. He remembered Sherma telling him that Ashley had been there for her throughout her toughest battles. How ironic, he thought.

David was no stranger to demonic possessions. Back in Auntigua, he witnessed an exorcism for one of his church members. He understood that different demons elicited different behaviors in people. Some are quiet and subtle while others are bold and sometimes violent. What he was sure of was that the possession became worse with time. He had to act fast or else he would lose his wife for good. After saying his prayers, he fell asleep with his Bible next to his head.

The next morning, David woke up at his regular time. As usual, he confided in Grace. She gave him a phone number for a priestess who she said specialized in exorcism and other spiritual practices. Without wasting time, David dialed the number. A gentle voice answered. David introduced himself and gave her a quick summary of his dilemma. The priestess, who went by the name Yocasta, listened attentively as David told his story. Before he could finish, she uttered out “Asmodeus.” David stopped and asked her to repeat herself. “Asmodeus,” she uttered again, “he is the demon of lust and he inhabits your wife.” There was a slight pause from David. He remembered his last encounter with Sherma and wondered if he had sex with a demon. He asked Yocasta what it would cost him to cast the demon away and she told him not to worry and that he would pay her back in due time.

After work that day, David went back to the park in search of the mysterious woman. He wanted to find out more about Ashley. He knew that if he told Sherma what he had found out she would not believe him, especially since she was already possessed. That reminded him of another problem. How was he going to get Sherma to agree to an exorcism. He came up with a plan on his way home. The mysterious woman was no where to be found.

The next morning, David sent Sherma  a message stating that he was coming over that evening and that he wanted to try something new in the bedroom. David had heard of exorcisms being done over the phone and he got the approval from Yocasta to attempt it. She sent him a list of things that he needed to purchase in order for it to work : candles, incense, anointing oil and a small crucifix. There was a religious store near his job where he was able to find all the items. After the religious store his next stop was the sex store.

David arrived at Sherma’s apartment shortly after 8pm. She was wearing a cotton robe this time when she opened the door. David was sure to hide the religious items surreptitiously inside of his coat pockets. Once inside Sherma took her robe off revealing pink lingerie. David opened the bag from the sex store. “Tonight we are performing bondage,” he said. Sherma seemed to be turned on by the idea. Without wasting time, David proceeded to tie Sherma to the bed by her arms and feet. He made sure to secure her tightly because he knew what was to come. When she was securely fastened to the bed, David took out his religious items and dialed Yocasta’s number with the phone on speaker. Sherma soon realized that she had been tricked.

Yocasta began to pray as David lit the candles and the incense. Yocasta’s gentle voice was now loud and commanding. Sherma began to struggle in the bed. “Release me!” She demanded, in a voice that was not her own. Asmodeus had awoken. Yocasta prayed with increased vigor when she heard Asmodeus’ voice. “Who sent you?” She demanded. “Speak now.” By this time, Sherma’s eyes rolled back in her head while David recited the “our father” and annoited her with oil. Suddenly there was a loud scream from Asmodeus. “It is I,” she said, “your best friend Ashley. You were supposed to be with me but instead you chose to marry this church monkey after all that we’ve been through. Why? Why did u do it. After your last relationship I thought you figured out that we were supposed to be together but you let this man screw everything up.” David knew that demons usually revealed themselves during exorcism but he was surprised nevertheless. Yocasta continued praying while a white foam-like substance came out of Sherma’s mouth. Soon after, Asmodeus was gone.


The Story of David part 2

One morning, David woke up and checked his phone and saw a text message from Sherma. It had been a few weeks since they last spoke. She wanted to know how he was doing and if he would come to see her that evening. David hesitated for a moment before responding. He had been in a positive frame of mind of late. One of the church members, a Grenadian woman named Grace, had been giving him encouragement through his ordeal. They spoke intermittently and sat next to each other at church. Still, David understood that he was legally married to Sherma and he had to get the situation sorted before he could move on with his life. He responded to her message. “I’ll stop by after work. “

Sherma came to the door wearing a silk robe. David noticed that she had cut her hair in a Mohawk, a style he wasn’t too fond of. They hugged each other at the door before heading towards the dining table. Sherma had prepared Salmon and vegetables for dinner. David found it odd considering that she hardly cooked before they separated. He studied the plate of food as if it had poison in it. Sherma appeared amused by this and smirked while pouring herself a glass of wine. “So, how has life been treating you these days?” David inquired. “Life’s a bitch,” Sherma answered plainly. “Why did you feel the need to see me tonight?” David inquired further. “Isn’t it obvious?” replied Sherma. David looked confused. Before he could utter another word, Sherma took off her Robe revealing her naked body. “We should have a talk,” David said while staring at Sherma’s breasts. They appeared larger than when he had last seen them. Sherma took David by the hand and walked him to her bedroom, completely disregarding his request to talk. David offered little resistance and eventually succumbed to his carnal urges.

The following morning, David woke up in Sherma’s bed but she had already left for work. He took a shower and went home to grab his tools before heading to his job site. While at work, he replayed the events of the night over and over in his head. He regretted not settling things between him and Sherma. At lunchtime, he got a call from Grace. He told her that he had seen Sherma the night before but left out the sex part. He didn’t want Grace to see him as someone who was easily seduced, despite Sherma being his wife. Grace seemed intent on finding out the details but David was very succinct. He simply explained that Sherma’s demeanor was strange and they did not get a chance to speak about things.

Later that day, David was on his way home from work when he noticed a lady feeding some pigeons near a park. Suddenly, David felt a slight diziness so he went to sit near the lady on the park bench. “Why do you look so stressed?” The lady inquired in an African accent. She was wearing a red bandana over her head and she had large silver earrings. David felt too weak to respond. The lady seemed to notice. “Your wife needs deliverance,” she said. The words sent shivers through David’s spine. How could she know about his situation, he wondered. Still, he could not find the strength to respond. “She needs deliverance I said. Someone close to her summoned demons on her. Do you know someone by the name of Ashley. She has dirty hands.” David couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He remembered meeting Ashley at the party. According to Sherma they had been friends for years and were inseparable. “You should go home now,” the lady said. Suddenly David’s strength came back. He was able to get up and walk to the train station.


The Story of David part 1

David waited until everyone was asleep, and then went on his knees to pray. He had an impactful decision to make so he asked God for guidance. The next morning, he woke up with confidence and certainty. He phoned his mother in Antigua to tell her that he was going to stay in America. David had visited his cousin Jeff in New York a month prior and was persuaded to stay despite only having a visa. He was a single thirty-two-year-old with no kids and the company that he worked for in Antigua was going out of business. David knew that living in New York as an undocumented immigrant would be a challenge. Nevertheless, he was a skilled electrician and Jeff promised to help him find work.

After bouncing around for two weeks, David was able to secure a steady job where he earned enough for him and Jeff to get a two-bedroom apartment. He found a church near the apartment and attended every Sunday. David hoped to find a woman within the church to settle down with and to start a family. He knew that getting a green card would open doors for him, but he wanted to marry someone that he was in love with. One Saturday evening, David and Jeff went to a party in Queens. They were greeted by two of Jeff’s female friends when they arrived. Their names were Sherma and Ashley. David took a liking to Sherma and decided to strike up conversation in an attempt to get to know her. Sherma was thirty years old and had two kids. She was born in Dominica and migrated to New York with her family when she was a teenager. She was in an abusive relationship but could not find the strength to leave. David wondered how anyone could abuse someone so precious. Before leaving the party, Sherma and David exchanged numbers.

Over the next few weeks David and Sherma would speak regularly over the phone, forming a close bond with each other. Eventually, Sherma would summon the confidence to part ways with her abusive partner. Soon after, David and Sherma began dating and they seemed to suit one another. David was polite and respectful while Sherma was shy and reserved. Before long, they were officially a couple.

Sherma thanked God for sending David her way. After being in an abusive relationship for so long, she forgot what real love felt like. Her family was happy for her as well. She seemed like she had found happiness with David. Sherma was eager to help David become a US citizen so they got married after only two months of dating. Although David spent most of his time at Sherma’s apartment, he still helped Jeff with the rent. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have found Sherma. However, things took a drastic turn soon after they got married.

Sherma became a different person after the wedding. A once reserved gentle woman was now a quarrelsome and cantankerous one. She began picking fights over everything. When David would try to reason with her, she threatened to annul the marriage. David grew concerned about his future with Sherma. He had really fallen for her and did not want to give up on her too easily. He invited her to come to church with him one Sunday and she laughed at him. Instead, she would party every Saturday night and spend her Sundays sleeping. One afternoon, David overheard Sherma speaking with a man on the phone. When he questioned her about it she ordered him to leave her apartment. Luckily, he was still paying his rent. Jeff could not believe that Sherma had become the woman that David was describing to him. He knew Sherma for over ten years. He told David to trust in God and that he would find a way through this difficult time.


The Champions League Project

Kieran Riviere 8/29/21

Founded in 1955, the UEFA Champions League has become a heavily anticipated tournament for football fans around the world. At the time the league was founded, it was called the European cup. The name was then changed to the Champions League in 1992. The tournament hosts top football clubs from leagues across Europe.

As one can imagine, European clubs place great emphasis on achieving Champions League victory, with some preferring to win the Champions League over their local league cups. Currently, the club with the most Champions League victories is none other than Real Madrid with 13 wins. In recent times, some of Europe’s top clubs have enlisted in what I call the Champions League project. It is when a top football club spends a large sum of money on a star player with the primary focus of winning the Champions League. The first club we will look at is Juventus.

In 2018, Juventus, a team who had been dominating Serie A since 2011, signed Christiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid for 105 million Euros. Surely they did not break the bank just to secure another Seria A tittle. My guess is that they had their eyes fixed on something else. The last time that Juventus won the Champions League was in 1996. Since then, the closest they have gotten to winning the tittle was in a 2015 final where they lost 3-1 to Barcelona. Juventus fans welcomed the addition to the squad in hopes that Ronaldo would bring them what they have been seeking for years. Now, it has been three years since Juventus signed Rinaldo and I think it’s safe to say that it was a failed project. Not only did Juventus fail to win the Champions League, but they also lost the 2020-21 Serie A tittle to Inter Milan after 9 consecutive wins. Furthermore, Juventus have sacked three managers since Ronaldo joined the club.

With that said, Juventus’ failure to win the Champions League is no fault of Ronaldo. The star player scored a stunning 81 goals during his three-year tenure at the club. Additionally, I think it is unfair to put all the blame on a manager for failing to win the Champions League, regardless of whether they have star players at their disposal or not. The Champions League is not like local league cups where the winners are determined by a long-term accumulation of points. A bad game in one of the knock-out rounds can cause a great team get booted out as we have seen over the years. With all these factors considered, I think that the idea of a Champions League project is a bit wishful.

Similar to Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has seen great success in their local League 1 tittle race over the years. In 2017, they signed Neymar from Barcelona for a record-breaking 222 million Euros. Unlike Juventus, PSG has never won the Champions League. Neymar’s sign-in came at a time when the club had begun to strengthen their squad with Kylian Mbappe from AS Monaco. PSG hoped that the pair would bring home their first Champions League trophy. The closest they came was at a 2019-20 final vs Bayern Munich when they lost 1-0. It is now 2021, and PSG have signed Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi from Barcelona in hopes that they will finally attain

Champions League victory. From a manager’s stand point, the Champions League project can be a gift and a curse. On one hand, it is great to have extraordinary players on your roster but on the other hand the pressure for victory is amplified.


Taking Back the Power: A response to Satoshi Kanazawa

Kieran Riviere 8/3/21

Renowned psychologist and writer Satoshi Kanazawa published a 2008 article where he said that everything men did was for the purpose of getting laid, leaving women with all the power. He goes on to explain that mating is a female choice, happening when the female wants it to happen and with whom she wants it to happen. Kanazawa references a quote from Bill Maher who says “For a man to walk into a bar and have his choice at any woman he wants, he would have to be the ruler of the world. For a woman to have the same power over men, she’d have to do her hair.”  Acoording to Kanazawa, there would be no civilization, no art, no literature, no music, no Beatles, no Microsoft, if sex and mating were a male choice.

I will not argue against the validity of these claims. Lions, gorillas, kangaroos, and other male mammals all fight over who gets to mate with nearby females. In general, women certainly hold more power in the bedroom. Nevertheless, I have been noticing an interesting trend occurring. Gradually, men have begun to take back the power in the bedroom. Yes, male choice is actually becoming a thing. Kanazawa wrote his article in 2008. It is now 2021 and a lot has changed since then. Women are having to do more, going above and beyond to entice men. This is partly because of the influence of social media. In 2015, data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons showed a 115% increase in surgical and minimally invasive procedures since the year 2000. More recently, data has shown a major increase in the demand for butt implants, even while we were in the middle of a pandemic. This begs the question: are women becoming less confident in their ability to attract men? It is my belief that people should retain the right to do as they please with their bodies without scrutiny. Still, I think that this growing trend can only lead to an increase in the objectification of women. As heterosexual men, we enjoy looking at a nice female butt. Nowadays, it seems like the conversation around the female butt is sparked by the notion of whether it is real or not.

Another interesting trend I have noticed is the small amount of time it takes for a man to get laid after meeting a woman. Through personal experience and in speaking with male counterparts, it seems as though women are requiring men to do less and less in order to have intercourse with them. Is it because men are choosing to do less because sex is more readily available? Possibly. It could also mean that women are becoming less self confident, so they feel like they need to keep the man’s interest with sex. Generally, men tend to have more options when it comes to sexual partners because we generally don’t require as much as women do. While some women will not sleep with a man unless he is making a certain amount of money, most men do not care what a woman earns in order to sleep with her, therefore increasing the amount of potential mates.

A female friend once told me that most women would sleep with a man regardless of whether he already has a woman or not. A fascinating theory indeed, but it is one that have noticed to be true in many instances. But why is that the case. One can argue that it is because of the lack of an availability of “good” men. A lot of women share the view that good men are either non existent or they are already in a relationship, leaving them with little choice. This is especially true for older single women. They lose confidence in their ability to find love and therefore subject themselves to unconventional relationships.

Below is a link to Kanazawa’s article.


A Country Under Pressure

Kieran Riviere 4/29/21

Just weeks after falling victim to a volcanic eruption, St. Vincent gets bombarded by heavy rainfall causing devastating floods and widespread damage. La Soufriere, a volcano which has been predominantly quiet for 42 years, has recently covered parts of the island in grey ash after a massive eruption. As a result, thousands of residents were forced to evacuate from their homes; many of them losing their homes and property. Luckily, no deaths were reported as a result of the eruption. Now, while the country is on the verge of recovery, it is yet again halted by heavy rainfall which has devastated parts of the island.

One can only imagine the emotional and financial toll these horrific events are having on the country. Nevertheless, the Caribbean islands have been known for being resilient. In the past, we have seen islands recover from natural disasters in the past. In 2017, Dominica 🇩🇲 was almost completely destroyed by hurricane Maria. The island, with the help of other countries, has since recovered quite well. The road to recovery ahead of St. Vincent will not be an easy one, but resilience and unity will get them through the storm.


The Game of Life

Kieran Riviere 3/18/21

Despite having no particular memory of playing the game, every time I think about the game of life, I get a euphoric feeling. The euphoria, I believe, comes from what the game represents (family time), rather than the game itself. Boardgames were especially instrumental in bringing the family together back in those days (early 2000’s). Nowadays, handheld devices are making us antisocial. There is a lot which can be said on this matter, but let’s redirect our attention back to the game of life. Not the board game this time, but the concept. Who are the real winners? Maybe a better question would be what are we playing for. We all seem to be chasing wealth. In a world where the rich are considered to be the winners and the poor the losers, it raises the question ” is there more to life than wealth?” Happiness, maybe. In his book “The Billion Dollar Secret,” Rafael Badziag interviewed 21 billionaires and found that they were happier than the average person. According to Badziag, billionaires have choices, opportunities, and strong relationships; all three of which make them happy. Of course, I don’t believe that one has to be a billionaire in order to be happy. I’m sure that there are some poor people who live moderately happy lives. Nevertheless, we cannot deny that wealth has a major effect on happiness, particularly in what we can attain with it: freedom, luxury, better healthcare, etc. Keeping this information in mind, however, one should not be so quick to assume that wealth automatically leads to happiness. There are lots of wealthy people who remain miserable, with some even succumbing to suicide. It shows that there are no clear winners in this game of life. Still, we have to play the game. We have to live.


Social Mania

Damian Christopher 3/14/21

I think confidence is a funny thing these days. Many of us no longer rely on our own ideas of what constitutes self worth and happiness because we are too busy trying to keep up with the standards set out by a medium that has quickly spawned from the internet, and most importantly, social media. Our self worth now seems to be dependent on the number of likes we get on our online gallery and storytelling. We may have had a great night out dancing and laughing with friends, but too many of these memories lose all meaning unless they have been captured, published and approved of by the rest of the world. This has led us to live two separate lives, our real life with all the good, bad and ugly days contrast to our online lives, the staged flawless life we want everyone to see, admire and envy through hazy instagram filters. Uploading photos onto social media and taking selfies in general has become an art form which everyone around us is trying to perfect by posing in weird, awkward angles in hopes of boosting their self esteem by getting others to believe in our glamorous existence. Perhaps we can fool ourselves into thinking that we are living the life, at least by social media standards. But reality tells a different story.


A Hero Without a Cape: The Story of Justin Luke


Kieran Riviere 3/12/21

We have all heard the cliché “that’s my calling,” when someone finds a hobby or profession that they feel they were destined to do. For Justin Luke, he didn’t know what his calling was until he became a fireman. After finishing high school, Luke found a job at car dealership not far from his home village of Mahaut. In a small country like Dominica with limited opportunities, Luke considered himself lucky to have gotten a job so quickly after finishing school. Overtime, Luke became increasingly frustrated with the job, particularly with the way he was treated by management. One afternoon, while having lunch with his mother, Luke noticed an ad on the television with information on how to become a fireman. Luke’s mother said to him “Justin, why don’t you try to apply.” At the time Luke had no desire to become a fireman so he dismissed his mother’s suggestion nonchalantly. A few days later, while at work, Luke was reprimanded by one of his managers for something he had no control of. At that point, Luke was certain that he did not want to be at that job much longer. He considered his mother’s suggestion and submitted an application to become a fireman. A few weeks later, Luke received a call stating that he was selected for the next batch of recruits. He had to report for training the following Monday.


             Training was challenging, but Luke was surrounded by new recruits around his age group so they encouraged each other. There were so many of them that they called one another by the name of their village, instead of trying to remember each name. Training lasted for approximately four months. After graduation, Luke got to experience what it meant to be a fireman with exiliarating on-the-job experiences: helping people, saving lives, saving houses, protecting the elderly from danger, etc. “Fulfilling,” was how Luke described these experiences. “It’s a wonderful feeling, helping people and saving lives. If I had to be born again, I would choose the same profession.” Luke came to understand that firemen put their lives at risk to save others all the time. Some instances were more indelible than others.

     “My first transfer was at St. Joseph Fire Station. A certain hour of the night we received a call stating that someone had fallen down from the waterfall (Spani Falls), and the individual was badly injured. Myself and another veteran officer responded to the call. There were two other fire officers from the Roseau Fire Station en route to the falls as well. We were supposed to be the assisting officers. When we arrived (approximately 20 minutes later), we noticed the other ambulance from the Roseau station parked near the scene. Their ambulance was empty. We asked a few people nearby and they told us that the two other officers had gone to look for the injured individual near the falls. Me and my partner decided to hike up to the falls to assist them. Before we went into the bushes, I suggested to the veteran officer that we should probably carry our gloves. He told me not to worry and that it was likely that the other officers had gloves of their own. We proceeded into the bushes, jumping over fallen trees, crossing small streams and rivers. It was a quite challenging hike to reach the falls. When we arrived at the top of the falls, we noticed the other officers climbing up from a precipice with the injured man, a white tourist. They were both covered in the man’s blood and neither of them had any gloves on their hands. We asked them if they had any gloves on them and they said that they had forgotten to take them out of their ambulance while they were rushing to the injured man. They hoped that we had brought ourselves, but we too had irresponsibly left ours behind as well. By this time, the tourist was bleeding profusely, and any lapse in time could prove fatal. We had to get to work. Nevertheless, we knew we were risking our own health if we carried the bloodied tourist with our bare hands. Before proceeding, we said a prayer. ‘Father, we have no gloves. The distance we have walked to rescue this individual is so far that if we left him to go back for some gloves, he might not make it. Heavenly father, it’s a life we are saving Lord. Please protect us from any illness or disease father, Amen.’ We just put our trust in God, and we just jumped in that blood. We dressed and nursed that man with our bare hands, and we carried him for about an hour back to the ambulance. When we got to the ambulance he was unresponsive. We said to him, if you can hear us, squeeze our hands. He squeezed.”

The job was an honorable one, but it wasn’t for the soft hearted. Not only did it require physical strength, it also demanded extraordinary emotional strength. Luke recalls a time when he had to be more than just a fireman.

“Three women came to the station one night and they told the guard that someone had burglarized their mother’s house and had ended up stabbing her. After contacting the police, me and the ambulance driver rushed to Egleston where the alleged crime had occurred. When we arrived at the massive house, we were not sure where the entrance was. It was very dark all around. From a distance we could hear someone groaning inside the house so we knew we had to move fast. We noticed what seemed like a front door and tried to open it, but it was locked. We considered kicking the door down, but still cautious as to whether or not the assailant was still on the premises. Police was yet to arrive on the scene. We waited for a short while for police to arrive but then decided that we could not wait any longer because someone was surely in need of our help inside. As we were about to kick the door down, one of the neighbors who was quite familiar with the premises entered through a back entrance and opened the front door for us. He said he had known the elderly lady for some time and he used to do errands for her from time to time. We entered the house through the darkness, following the sound of the groaning to a room towards the back of the house. When we entered the room, the lights were on. We saw the lady lying in the middle of the room in a pool of blood. Everywhere had blood; the curtains, the fan, the dresser, the bed, her phone was shattered in pieces with blood on it, the light switch had blood.… everywhere. When we saw that we quickly got to work, began dressing the lady. She had so many stab wounds, maybe over thirty. We could not have dressed all of them so we had to take care of the more severe ones. We placed her onto the stretcher and carried her into the ambulance. I put her on some oxygen and sat next to her to support her. She kept grabbing my shirt and my hands, saying that she was going to die. I kept telling her that she was not going to die and that she was going to be all right. In that short moment I built a bond with that lady. I felt like it was my own mother. About a quarter of a mile away from the hospital, she took a very deep breath. It was her last one. I felt crushed. A few weeks later, after the police did their investigation, I found out that it was someone who I had known quite well who had committed the murder. I had met him through a friend of mine. I wondered what could have led him to commit such a heinous crime. I never knew him to be violent, always cool and calm. I was called into court to give my account of what I saw at the scene, literally face to face with him. It was an odd feeling, especially when it was his turn to question me. He wasn’t the same person I had known.”

Luke says the weeks following that tragic event were trying. He had countless sleepless nights. At times, when he entered his own house, he could see the image of the lady lying in a pool of blood. He couldn’t forget the scent of the blood. Eventually, Luke was able to overcome the lasting effects. He told himself that he needed to move on from the situation because his work was not over. Many see him as a hero, one without a cape.