Cheesequake State Park

Venture into Matawan New Jersey, and you might stumble upon this marvelous place. Cheesequake State Park is one like no other. Aside from its scenic trails, there is a beach for swimming and sun bathing.


Double Trouble State Park

Despite what the name suggests, Double Trouble State Park is not a great place to find any trouble. The only trouble you will encounter is from the pesky mosquitoes and other flying insects. Located in Ocean County New Jersey, the park offers a historic glimpse of what was once a cranberry farm. The name “Double Trouble” signified a breach of a local dam by an army of muskrat twice in one week. Aside from its historical attributes, the park is known for its vast ecosystem and scenic landscape.


Stone Mountain Park

If you happen to be in Georgia or the Peach State as it is commonly called, be sure to visit Stone Mountain Park. The park offers a plethora of recreational activities as well as breathtaking views of Georgia’s scenic landscape. Covering approximately 3200 acres of land, Stone Mountain Park is an ideal location for family events and day trips.

At Stone Mountain there is something for everyone to do. Activities include, but are not limited to fishing, biking, hiking, boating/kayaking, golf, picnics etc.

One of the main highlights of the park is the view at the top of the mountain. The thirty-minute hike to the top is a bit challenging, but as long as you move at your own pace it becomes quite enjoyable.


Fresh Water Lake- Dominica

On an island with so many natural wonders, Fresh Water Lake in Dominica is an essential part of a well-spent vacation to the island. Taking your breath away is an understatement. Located in the Morne Trois Piton National Park, the lake offers stunning views of the island’s mountainous landscape.

If you come from a crowded city, you will likely notice how different the air quality is; light and pure. The temperature there is slightly cooler than the island’s coastal areas due to the high altitude.

If your seeking a complete experience, rent a kayak and get on the water. Trust me, it won’t bite.


Adventures at the English Harbour in Antigua

Kieran Riviere 4/5/21

There I was in the middle of St. Johns with the whole day ahead of me. The people I was staying with at the time were at work. Instead of staying in the house, I decided to venture out into the capital. It was my first time visiting Antigua; I was practically a tourist there. The sun was blazing and the city was boisterous. I looked around wondering which direction to begin my stroll. I looked towards the West coast and noticed what looked like the upper deck of a cruise ship. I figured it would be a great place to start because there was bound to be stuff for tourists to do over there. When I arrived at the port, I was astounded by how massive it was.   There were two ships on port that day, but it was big enough to hold four cruise ships with ease.

I took some time to observe the port. There were lots of vendors selling souvenirs and a few taxi drivers offering tours around the island. I noticed a small group of tourists inquiring about a tour and I decided to follow them like I was coming from the cruise ship myself. “This way,” the driver said while pointing to his bus. I imagined that a tour around the island would be the perfect way to spend my day.

The tour was pleasant to say the least. I always appreciated the allure of a new landscape.

Our first stop was at the English Harbour. The driver gave us thirty minutes to walk around the harbour before it was time to depart. The scenery was amazing, breathtaking even.

I noticed a man offering a boat tour around the harbour for a fee. I watched as he took people around the harbour on his small fishing boat. He was a short dark-skinned man seemingly in his sixties. He was wearing large sunglasses that almost covered his whole face. He also wore a cap to protect his head from the sun. I inquired about the tour. I told him I was visiting the island for a short stay. After we struck up a conversation about my birth country, Dominica, he told me that I could tag along with him while he toured his customers. I was delighted at the offer. So much so that I went to the tour bus driver and paid him the full fee for the tour (45 US dollars), and advised that I would be staying at the harbour for the day.

It was a day well spent; cruising the bright blue water of the English Harbour with good company. The tourists were fun to hang with and the captain of the ship taught me alot about the history of the harbour and the island by extension.

I glanced at the time on my phone and it was already 4pm. My host was scheduled to pick me up from Saint. John’s at 5pm. The day seemed to have flown by. I thanked the captain for allowing me to tour the harbour on his boat and then made my way to outer gates to catch a bus back to Saint John’s.


Journey Down the Delaware Water Gap

When we embarked on the journey down the Delaware Water Gap, we were not quite sure what to expect. Nevertheless, we were excited for the trip ahead. There were six of us including myself; four women and two men. The largest rafts that were available were barely large enough to fit all of us comfortably, but we managed to make it work. We were told to expect to be on the river for at least two hours for the 6 mile long trip. It was a lazy river and in order to disembark, we had to paddle to a particular check point where the other staff members were waiting. At first, we were quite fine with that. Nothing better than a scenic tour of the Delaware Water Gap on a hot summer day with a group of friends. Besides, how hard could it be to paddle. Well, it didn’t take long for us to find out. Shortly after setting sale, we struggled to stare the raft properly, and realized how difficult it was to perform a simple a task as going straight.

After several attempts, we were able to stare the raft correctly. Still, we struggled to maintain pace. To make matters worse, we were blindsided by a massive thunderstorm which seemed to have came out of nowhere.

We were forced to exit the raft and seek shelter for fear of getting struck by lightning. After several minutes of relentless rain, thunder, and lightning, we were finally able to board the raft again and continue on our journey. Eventually, the dark clouds dispersed and the sun graced us with its presence again.

Nearly two hours into the trip, there was still no sign of the halfway landmark (a great white house). By this time, we had drunk more than half of the water we brought on board. To make matters worse, none of us thought to take food or snacks, and hunger was beginning to creep in.  We could hardly enjoy the picturesque scenery along the river with our stomachs rumbling, especially when other rafters could be seen enjoying picnic-style meals. Luckily, one of our friends on board always carried candy in her purse, and there were enough for all of us. Who knew butterscotch could taste so good. We savored it, trying to make it last the entire rest of the ride. However, within two minutes it was gone.

By the time we reached the halfway mark, we were worn out from padling and lethargic. Nevertheless, we pushed on hoping to see the end of the tour. Besides, we had an incentive: barbecue chiken back at the cabin. Nearly four hours in, we finally saw signs of the end point. Our stomachs growled with excitement.

Despite some minor hiccups, overall, the tour was a pleasant one; although some of my friends may disagree. It was way more adventure than they bargained for. Nevertheless, the experience was one to remember.


High Point State Park

The hardest part about visiting High Point State Park in Sussex County New Jersey, is actually leaving the park. The views are so captivating that you might consider staying overnight, just to wake up to a view that simply mesmerizes you.

This monument marks the highest point in the State of New Jersey at 1,803 feet above sea level.
A spectacular view from one of the numerous trails at High Point State Park


Bear Mountain State Park

To an experienced hiker, Bear Mountain State Park may feel like a walk in the park. However, to an amateur hiker like myself, the climb to reach the top was far from easy. Despite the name, I found no bears along the trail, thankfully. I doubt that I would have been able to summon the strength to fight off a cub, much less a full grown adult bear. The steep incline at the base of the mountain had withdrawn all my energy. Nevertheless, the challenging climb was a small price to pay for the captivating view at the top of the mountain. Furthermore, I would be remiss if I did not mention the glorious lake at the base of the mountain.